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Introduction to Geology @ UNI - Dr. Heinzel

Syllabus Spring 2016

Weekly hotlinks =The Scientific Method , even better try this or this Hypotheses Versus Theories

Lecture slides

#1 Geology, Environments, and Earth History

#2 Continents, Seas & Plate tectonics

#3 Minerals

Lecture Exam 1 Earth history, Plate Tectonics, and Minerals

#4 Igneous rocks

#5 Sedimentary rocks and fossils

#6 Metamorphic rocks

Lab Test/Practical 1 - (Part 1 - Mineral and Rock Identification with one hand-written study sheet, Part 2 - Mineral and rock applications, open note/open book)

#7 Volcanoes

#8 Earthquakes

#9 Mountains

Lecture Exam 2 Building and Breaking the Earth's surface

!!!Spring Break!!!

#10 Weathering and soils

#11 Climate change

#12 Rivers and flooding

#13 Glaciers

#14 Groundwater and Karst

Lecture Exam 4 - (lectures 10-15)

#15 Geologic Resources, environments and society (In class only)

#16 Open

Final Lab Exam - Tuesday, April 26, regular lab time/s

Final Lecture Exam = Wednesday, May 4, 10 to 11:50AM

Latham Hall Rm. 125

Video/lecture assistance

Video Vault

Lab assistance

Minerals (not all 30 but with physical properties)

Igneous Rock Identification

Sedimentary Rocks


Iowa Geological and Water Survey

United States Geological Survey


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