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Natural Resources and Civilizations and Environment, Technology, and Society Capstone (Southern Italy/Sicily) Dr. Chad Heinzel Pages = Other contact sources Facebook and Twitter (@Ubreccia)

2015 Syllabus (1 document for all options In-class, on-line, and mixed format)

Getting ready to travel this summer...

Basic packing list and ideas (not complete - Please let me know if you have questions), This is the bag that I use, there are cheaper versions, Electrical adaptor (info) Or the minimum you might need

Handouts for learning Italian numbers and phrases... Page1 , Page 2 , Page 3 , Page 4



Please work through these activities and e-mail the worksheets ...

Activity 1 - Wicked Problems (Reading) and You!, Reading - Wicked Problems Worksheet #1

Activity 2 - Geoarchaeology, What is it, How can it help our own Civilization? Worksheet #2

Activity 3 - Natural Resources, their uses, and implications (Minerals and Rocks) Worksheet #3

Activity 4 - Natural Resources, their uses, and implications (Soil) Readings for soil - A. David Montgomery, Graveyard of Empires AND Lester Brown, Plan B 4.0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization (p. 31-32 and 202-206) Soil and Civilizations Worksheet #4

Activity 5 - Natural Resources, their uses, and implications (Water) , there is not enough material for a worksheet... From the video just e-mail me what site are your most excited to visit? Worksheet 5

Activity 6 - The Archaeological Record - Is Humanity capable of learning from past mistakes? Activity 6 = Elymian Iron Age Survival Try this activity with your roomates or a group of friends... Worksheet #6= Turn in a paragraph of the overall results..

Activity 7 - Rome We will visit all of the site in this slideshow, Worksheet #7 = pick the site that interests you the most, do a bit of library or on-line research and tell me about it (IN PERSON)


Activity 8 - Reasons Civilizations Collapse or Thrive Acitvity - = Jared Diamond - Collapse - A Tale of Two Farms Watch the video below then fillout the worksheet... Worksheet # 8 = Write a no more than one page summary of this video with the theme 'Will the USA ever collapse?'

Activity 9 - Geoarchaeology of western Sicily, Reading Geoarchaeology of the Chuddia River Valley Western Sicily Worksheet # 9

Activity 10 - Fragility and the Evolution of Humanity - Krista Tippett interviews Xavier Le Pichon Oct. 7, 2010, If you find this Intersting, Click here to learn more! . *You may click and listen on your computer or right click and 'Save Target As' to download the mp3 to your computer... 'Worksheet 11' = Please write a summery of the interview (no more than one page) and pesonal reflection (no more than one page)

Activity 11 - Slidshow Sicilian Wines (No worksheet, just FYI )


Further information

Rick Steves Podcasts : Italy - Italian Cuisine 1 (audio), Italian Cuisine 2 (audio), Pasta 101 (audio) , Rome - Colosseum (audio AND map) , Sistine Chapel (audio AND map) , St. Peters (audio AND map) , Pantheon (audio AND map), Michelangelo in Rome (audio), Rome Beneath the surface (audio)

Further reading...

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1968 Earthquake

Erosion post-Roman

Sicily tectonics


Links to explore


Lodging (Palermo 2 nights)

The day the Earth shook

Tranpani B and B , Belveliero


Egadi Islands

La Grotta del Genovese



Aeolian Islands

Stromboli #1

Stromboli #2

Lodging (Lipari/Canneto)




A War Diary Soars Over Rome (National Geographic, April 2015)

BBC Historical Research

Roman Emperors

The British Museum

The Vatican